The Racing Industry

The Racing industry, with automobiles, motorcycles, boats and even bicycles, likes titanium: a very strong and light metal easy to be worked. Today titanium is used for high-performance vehicle components such as fasteners, valves, suspension springs, connecting rods, axles, exhaust systems, frame and structural parts. Titanium valves train can improve fuel efficiency of nearly 4%.

Racing Components

A Bugatti Veyron costs 1,9 Million €, goes 431 km/h has 1200 CV and needs 80 kg of titanium.

Springs and Valves

Thanks to its high mechanical properties, low density and corrosion resitance, titanium is a perfect metal for racing parts in automotive, motorcycles and bicycles.
Millions of Volkswagen Group’ cars are equipped with titanium for the breaking system. Titanium springs are used for racing motorcycles and have been also introduced for Volkswagen Lupo. Titanium fasteners, valves and exhausters are commonly used for racing.