Titanium Medical Bars

Titanium is the metal of choice for medical applications: it is biocompatible, resistant to corrosion, strong and light, non-magnetic and it has a strong ability to bind with human bones.
TiFast produces titanium bars and wires for medical implants, bones, joint replacements, prosthesis, dental implants and also for surgical titanium instruments or body piercings.
  1. Quality is a must for TiFast and TiFast quality system is approved DNV (Det Norske Veritas). TiFast is certified ISO 13485 for Medical Devices.
  2. TiFast selects raw material only from Europe and USA. Mercury, Yttrium and Radioactivity are under control.
  3. TiFast manufactures titanium precision bars according to the most stringent medical standards or to customer's specifications with a full range of types of finishing, treatments and controls.
  4. TiFast offers short delivery times and a lot of flexibility.
  5. TiFast can set up Long Terms Agreements with fix prices during several years and in Euro for a better stability.

Orthopedic Market

Titanium is a key in the Orthopedic market. It mainly concerns knee, hip, trauma, spine and extremities (shoulders, elbows).
The Orthopedic market has an average growth of 4,4% per year for the 5 coming years due to the increase of population, of people over 65 years old, of obesity and a general increase of health care expenses.
TiFast is already partner of the major OEMS and their challengers. TiFast also supplies to distributors and to medical forgers.
The titanium used in the Orthopedic market is mostly in form of bars that will be forged or machined. The specifications are very exigent in terms of metallurgy, micro structure and dimensions.