TiFast is the new European Titanium producer

TiFast is a European producer of titanium, from melting to finished bars, for the most challenging applications.



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TiFast Titanium

Thanks to an experienced team and strong shareholders, TiFast has built a new plant by using the best technologies for the production of titanium dedicated to aerospace, medical, racing and industrial markets.
TiFast melts titanium ingots and manufactures bars, wires and billets. It has its own integrated laboratories. TiFast is certified by the American Aerospace NADCAP, is ISO13485 for Medical Devices and is ISO14001 for Environmental.

Titanium is the metal of the 21st century thanks to its impressive high properties and outstanding performances with always new applications. Titanium is also environmentally friendly and sexy.

Main reasons why to choose Titanium

Full of properties

Non-magnetic, low thermal conductivity, low modulus of elasticity , erosion resistant, low coefficient of expansion and also compatible with Graphite composites.

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